21 febbraio 1945 - Boston IV nr. BZ460 - Mar Adriatico

Operation Records Book (RAF Form 541): Falconara 20/21 Feb B IV BZ460 - Sgt. Absalom W. - Sgt. Bates D.J. - F/S Hamill C.A. - F/S Currie H.M. - Up 00.10 Marshalling Yards at Casarza. Unfortunately one aircraft piloted by Sgt. Absalom was lost when he went into the sea at home.

Operation Records Book (RAF Form 540): Falconara 20.2.45. Once again the squadron suffered loss when Sgt. Absalom failed to make base and crashed in the sea forty miles away.

http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html: Douglas A-20J-20-DO Havoc 43 -21828 to RAF as Boston IV BZ460. Crashed into sea off Falconara, Italy while returning from night intruder mission Feb 21, 1945

Non ci furono superstiti e le ricerche sull'area di mare non ebbero alcun esito favorevole; tutto l'equipaggio รจ ricordato al Malta Memorial.

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