25 aprile 1945 - Mosquito XII Nr. HK162 - Bonavigo (VR)

Operation Records Book 256 Squadron RAF (RAF Form 541): Forlì 25/4/45 - Mosquito XII HK162 - F/Sgt. Beard, R.J.G. F/Sgt. Maddock,D - Armed Recce - Up 01.20 - This aircraft airborne on Armed Recce, Rovigo - Monselice - Legnago - Badia Polesine, failed to return to base. Was observed by pilot of aircraft RF670 to fire off 1 green and 1 illuminating cartridge at approx 02.15 hours. Called up RF670 on R/T saying he had found 5 M.T. and would illuminate. Single layer “mashroom off lame” from ground observed by pilot of RF670. All attemps to contact HK162 were unsuccessful.

http:www.airhistory.org.uk: HK162 NFXII 256 Missing from sweep pres. flew into ground at night 25.4.45

Probabilmente colpito da flak, il Mosquito cadde 2 km a sud est di Bonavigo, nei terreni adiacenti via Saletto. I due aviatori furono sepolti nel Cimitero di Bonavigo e traslati il primo febbraio 1946 al Padua War Cemetery.

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