28 aprile 1945 - Baltimore V Nr. FW608 (prob) - Padova

NO. 15 SQUADRON SAAF WAR DIARY Oprep Nr. 15 S/223 for 24 hrs. Ending 2100 hrs. L.T. 28 April 45

7 Balts on Armed Recce of roads in Venice - Padua - Treviso area. 1 Mk V Missing. Lt. Bond Pilot, Lt. Richardson Observer, W/O Nienaber WT/AG, W/O Weitz A/G.

The third loss occured at 035 hrs. on the 28th, at which time Capt. McCann saw a large orange flash in the thunder clouds ahead at about 4000 feet, and then tracer was seen coming down out of the clouds, followed by an aircraft on fire dropping to earth end exploding into small pieces on the ground about 10 miles east of Padua. This was presumed to be Lt Bond with Lt. Richardson as Observer, W/O Nienaber as WOP/AG and W/O Weitz as gunner. It is with great surprise and satisfaction that Lt. Bond was recently reported to be in hospital at Cervia only 4 miles from Cesenatico, and it was from him that we learnt that all the crew has managed to bale out, although the rest of the crew not yet been located.

http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html: Martin A-30A-10-MA 43-8765 to RAF as Baltimore V FW608. Lost Apr 25, 1945.

Il Baltimore esplose circa 10 miglia a est di Padova, dopo essere stato colpito da Flak. Il Lt. Bond comunicò all’equipaggio l’ordine di lanciarsi, ma evidentemente fu il solo che riuscì ad abbandonare l’aereo. Semincosciente e con varie ustioni sul corpo fu soccorso a terra da partigiani locali che riuscirono a portarlo ad un centro di primo soccorso e di lì trasportato a Cervia. Gli altri aviatori non ce la fecero e riposano al Padua War Cemetery.

Il numero seriale del Baltimore non viene riportato nel War Diary, probabilmente si tratta del FW608 registrato perso il 25 aprile nel www.joebaugher.com anziché il 28.

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