18 marzo 1945 - A-20 G Ser. Nr. 43-9616 - Castenedolo (BS)

Missing Air Crew Report: 47th Bomb (L)-Grosseto, Italy - Course: Base-Parma-Zone 5. Target or intended destination: Zone - 5; Type of mission: Night Intruder; 18 March 1945 Time: 23,10; Aircraft A-20G-15 AAf Ser. Nr. 43-9616; Crew position: Pilot 1st Lt. Robert V. Smith, Gunner S/Sgt. Louis V. Kocsis, Gunner S/Sgt. Peter W. Sellmann

Statement del Cpt. Charles W. Greffet Operation Officer datato 20 marzo 1945: "On the night of 18 March 1945 1st Lt. Robert V. Smith, Pilot, S/Sgt. Louis V. Kocsis, Gunner and S/Sgt. Peter W. Sellmann, Gunner, were scheduled on a Night Intruder Mission in aircraft no. 43-9616. Lt. R.V. Smith took off at 2310 hours on a flight of three hours duration, although his airman carried a sufficient supply of fuel for a six hour flight. No word was received either through the Tower or through Sector Control concerning his whereabouts after Take-off. The aircraft and crew members are considered Missing In Action".

Velina GNR: "Notte dal 18 al 19 corrente, localita' Rodengo del comune di Castenedolo (BS), aereo nemico bimotore colpito antiaerea Tedesca, precipitava al suolo distruggendosi. Equipaggio composto tre persone est deceduto e trovasi camera mortuaria cimitero Castenedolo." (Documento Fonte AirCrashPo)

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