17 aprile 1945 - Boston V Nr. BZ666 - Verona

Operation Records Book 18 Squadron RAF (RAF Form 541): Forlì 16.4.45 - Boston “M” BZ666 F/S Lewis PJ, F/S Latham JE, F/S Howard AW, F/S Jacques WK. - Armed Recce N. to R. PO - MISSING.

Operation Records Book 18 Squadron RAF (RAF Form 540): FORLI 16.4.45. 16 Bostons were flown tonight. 10 Bostons on enemy positions close to the bombline engaged on harassing missions and 6 Bostons carrying out armed recces in the area Bologna-Modena-Reggio-Parma-Castel Maggiore-Brescia-Verona-Ostiglia-Mirandola-Modena, an area that was last covered by this squadron last year when operating from Cecina on the West coast. One aircraft, flown by, F/S P.J.Lewis of “A” flight failed to return from this operation. The remaining members of his crew were F/S. J.E. Latham, Nav.B., F/S A.W. Howard, W/Air and F/S W.K. Jacques. Opposition was encountered at Verona and searchlights along he south shore of Lake Gardia attempted to intercept our aircraft on the Brescia-Verona leg of the recce. Comparatively little movement was seen. The weather was fairly good with little cloud and visibility 4-6 miles over the whole area.

MATAF daily operations/intelligence sommarie. “April 16/17, 232 Wing: Boston and crew lost, cause unknown. Aircraft seen to explode and crash due to Flak at Verona believed to be missing Boston”.

http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html: Douglas A-20K-15-DO Havoc 44-822 to RAF as Boston V BZ666. Missing from night intruder mission Apr 17, 1945.

In base alle affermazioni contenute esclusivamente nei rapporti alleati, è probabile che il Boston sia stato abbattuto da Flak presso Verona. Equipaggio interamente deceduto e sepolto al Padua War Cemetery.

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