24 marzo 1945 - Boston IV nr. BZ564 - Disperso in Adriatico

Operation Records Book (RAF Form 541): 55 Squadron Forlì Night of 25/26 March 1945. Boston IV BZ564 Sgt. Rogers - Sgt. Garbutt-Sgt. How-Sgt. Taylor. Armed Recce Treviso - Mestre. This aircraft called up shortly after crossing the bombline that it had engine trouble, it was instructed to jettison bombs and return to base, but when 9 Miles NW of CESENATICO the pilot called up and said he was losing height. Nothing further was heard and another aircraft saw blazing wreckage in the sea in the area. A.S.R. searches proved unavailing.

http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html: Douglas A-20J-20-DO Havoc 43-22143 to RAF as Boston IV BZ564. Ditched in sea 9 mi E of Cervia, Italy after engine lost power Mar 25, 1945.

Il Boston pilotato dal Sgt. Arthur Murray Rogers precipitò in mare al largo di Cervia/Cesenatico. Le ricerche furono infruttuose e non si salvò nessun membro dell'equipaggio: tempo dopo il mare restituì i corpi del Sgt. Geoffrey Barney How e del Sgt. Edward Harwey Garbutt, mentre rimasero dispersi lo stesso Rogers ed il Sgt. Henry William Taylor.

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