27 luglio 1944 - A-20 B Ser. Nr 41-3166 - Mar Ligure

Missing Air Crew Report: Poretta Airdrome, Corsica - 12th Air Force - 47th Bomb (L) -Intended destination: Roads in area of Pavia, Italy; Type of mission: Night Armed Recce; 27 July 1944 - Time: Unknown - Location: Unknown - Aircraft A-20 B - Ser. Nr. 41-3166; Crew position: Pilot 1st Lt. Welch, Oransdale R. - Bombardier 2nd Lt. Lang, Robert A. - Gunner S/Sgt Chambers, Robert - Gunner S/Sgt Myers, Paul E.

Statement di Robert A. Lang datato 18 Gennaio 1947: “While returning from a mission, our ship was fired on by anti-aircraft located on the coast of Italy. It was noticed immediately that the ship was in trouble. The next thing that I knew, I was in the air and immediately opened my parachute. It is opinion that the ship exploded in mid-air and that I was thrown clear. I landed in the water and did not see anything more of the ship or the crew at that time. This happened about 0110 on 27 July 1944. After being in the water for about thirteen hours supported by my life preserver, I was picked up in a small boat propelled by an outboard motor and manned by two unknown Italian civilians. I was taken ashore and landed in the town of Savona, Italy. This town was in the hands of the Germans and I was turned over to them. The German unit these was an anti-aircraft unit. Later in the day, about 1600, S/Sgt. Bob Chambers, a member of my crew was brought to the same town, having been picked up separately. We were together for a short time and he was then taken to one town and I to another. Due to the time and the fact that I landed in the Meditarranean I did not see any of the crew members after the crash with the exception of S/Sgt. Chambers. "

LuftgauKommando Rapporto ME1740: 26/27. 7. 44 - 01.00 b. Savona - Boston - LANG Robert Allen - CHAMBERS Robert Leland.

In base alle dichiarazioni rilasciate da Chambers e Lang al rientro dalla prigionia, risulta che l’A-20 sia stato colpito da Flak su Savona durante il rientro e sia precipitato in mare. I due aviatori furono i soli superstiti dell’abbattimento, riuscendo a lanciarsi prima del suo inabissamento. Dopo alcune ore di permanenza in mare furono tratti in salvo separatamente da due barche di pescatori e, una volta sulla terraferma, catturati ed inviati in Germania. Nel dopoguerra,la ricerca di eventuali luoghi di sepoltura degli altri due aviatori Welch e Myers non ebbe successo. I search party americani batterono la costa ligure e interrogarono varie municipalità sull’esistenza di queste sepolture, inutilmente. Il 1st Lt. Welch ed il S/Sgt. Myers furono dichiarati dispersi.

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